West Olympic Stories

Historias olímpicas del oeste

Conectando comunidades con historias!
Our leadership team
Shawn Shotwell, Pam Hicks, Damien Velasquez, Francis Velasquez, Audrey Gaedtke, Troi Gale

Who We Are

Story poles, bridges, and people's tales all help to unite our diverse community! Do you have a story? We want to hear from you!


This project is the direct result of local people working together to elevate rural voices. The mission is to provide a free platform for stories that are inclusive and reflect the west end community of Clallam Bay, Washington.

It all began with a series of community-centered leadership trainings facilitated by Rural Development Initiatives (RDI).

Local volunteers consist of west Clallam County leaders drawn from education, government, NOLS, and the retirement community.

With generous support from the Medina Foundation, Ben Phillips Memorial Fund, the Nature Conservancy, and NAMI-Washington, RDI facilitated their flagship program Community-Led Rural in Clallam County from Fall 2022 to Spring of 2023. Community-Led Rural is a skills-based program focused on developing leadership skills and exploring ways those skills may be used to support and strengthen communities and includes an impact project that benefits the community.